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Officer Descriptions

Preside over all Board and Chapter meetings.
Fill all required positions with volunteers and assign action items as required.
Make brief announcements at Chapter events.
Coordinate with all other Chapter Officers & Board members on their activities.
Review items mailed from National, share with the Board, & respond appropriately.
Maintain Chapterís health (strive for green status, or at least yellow status - for full dues checks).
Seek assistance from Past President(s), Chapter Officers & Board members as necessary.
Maintain Chapter records/archives.
Turn over Chapter records/archives to next Chapter President in good order.

Vice President
Assume President's duties in their absence.
Act as Chapter President if they permanently leave before their tenure is completed.
Coordinate the monthly Chapter activities for the program year.
Prepare to take over as Chapter President, the following program year.
Other activities as assigned.

Past President
Assist the President as required.
Advise President on key deadlines, past correspondence, and activities as required.
Advise National of new President's name & contact information.
Assure smooth transfer of President's duties and responsibilities.
Head up Nomination Committee.

Chapter Secretary
Take Minutes at Board meetings and distribute minutes to all Officers, Board members, and other volunteers.
Incorporate any corrections to current Minutes as requested.
Maintain records of Chapter correspondence and Minutes.
Assist with Chapter correspondence as required.
Help prepare Chapter Activity Report (CAR) submittal, and maintain revisions on the computer and distribute copies to Chapter Officers & Board members.
Assist other Chapter Officers in documenting procedures and Chapter business processes and encourage continuous improvement to the chapter's processes.

Maintain the chapter's checking and savings accounts.
See that Chapter Officers are reimbursed for documented out-of-pocket expenses, and that proper receipts are received and kept for tax records.
See that all reimbursement checks are signed and distributed in a timely fashion.
Deposit all cash and checks in a timely fashion.
Maintain the accounting records and make periodic reports at Board meetings.
Prepare the required tax information and send to National prior to the deadline.
Inform the appropriate Chapter Officer regarding any delinquent accounts due.
Provide required Budget & Financial information to the Chapter Activity Report (CAR) focal.
Turn over all Treasurer check books, records, and files to the next Treasurer.

Membership Director
Maintain membership database on a regular basis.
Solicit revisions to email addresses.
Add new members received from National in a timely manner.
Make additions and revisions to membership database as advised by other chapter officers and board members.
Provide historical membership figures to the Chapter Activity Report (CAR).
Ensure that membership database is safely transferred to the new Membership Database Focal.
Send out IIE membership information (invitation letter, IIE brochure and application form, and any requested information) to anyone inquiring about IIE membership or the local chapter.

Program Director (position usually held by Vice President)
Coordinate speakers and tours, help plan all Chapter events.
Solicit program suggestions from Chapter members, Officers and Board members.
Arrange for all event bills to be paid (and reimbursed by Treasurer).
Arrange for a sign-up sheet and money taker (with preprinted receipts) is stationed at the room entrance.
Provide blank name tags and marking pens.
Send a copy of the sign-up sheet to the Chapter Activity Report (CAR) focal.
Set up a display table with current IIE Chapter handouts.
See that all speakers and tour guides are introduced.
Ensure that we go around the room at the beginning of all events for everyone to say their name, company, and Chapter Officer position (if applicable).
Ensure that survey forms (see separate documents) are filled out by all attendees at the conclusion of all scheduled meetings and tours. Ensure that survey forms are summarized and results are reviewed with Chapter Officers & board members.
Utilize survey results to improve future programs.
Ensure that Chapter gifts (IIE coffee mugs, etc.) are available and presented to all speakers and tour guides following the conclusion of the event.
Have event coordinator write a thank you note to all speakers and tour guides.
Turn over suggested program topics to next Program Director.

Annual Membership Survey Coordinator
Prepare a revised Chapter membership survey form.
Coordinate inclusion of survey form in a Chapter email to all members.
Summarize membership survey results.
Advise Chapter Officers and Board members of membership survey findings.
Advise Program Director and other related officers of specific suggestions and any volunteer offers received.

Engineering Fair Coordinator
Keep Officers, Board members and chapter members informed about PSECís K-12 Engineering Fair activities.
Fill out application form and send in required fee to PSEC.
Contact Fair Chairman and get instructions on Chapterís participation.
Plan for display booth (obtain handouts, banner, giveaways, and booth display) and arrange for volunteers to staff the booth.
Work with U.W. Student IIE Chapter on getting student volunteers.
Participate in Engineering Fair and store items used, until next year.

PSEC Representative
Attend PSEC (Puget Sound Engineering Council) meetings, representing the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE).
Vote on all PSEC activities.
Inform Chapter Officers & Board members of significant PSEC activities.
See that PSEC dues are paid on time.
Write selected PSEC articles for Chapterís website, advertising Engineers Awards Banquet, Engineering Fair, and National Engineer's Week.
Coordinate National Engineer's Week activities for Chapter, including assisting the Engineering Fair Coordinator.

Student Chapter Liaison
Support the University of Washingtonís Student Chapter as the Senior Chapter representative.
Attend selective Student Chapter meetings and events.
Coordinate with the Student Chapter's faculty advisor and other professors.
Encourage Student Chapter members to attend Senior Chapter events.  Provide event announcements to Student Chapter.
Encourage graduating Student Chapter members to join the Senior Chapter upon graduation with a prepared email note & attachments.

Student Chapter Representative
Coordinate with the Senior chapter.
Attend Senior Chapter Board meetings and report status of Student Chapterís activities.
Communicate relevant Senior Chapter activities to Student Chapter members.

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