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Upcoming PSEC Events for IISE Chapter Volunteers

[Note:  Use the PSEC website:  to read about and sign-up online for upcoming PSEC events.]

IIE rep. to PSEC: 
Steve Snellin
g,, (425) 876-7889
[Contact Steve directly if you need more information about any PSEC events.]

PSEC (Puget Sound Engineering Council) is a local “umbrella” engineering organization, that brings together about 22 local engineering Societies - that do several joint activities to further engineering and offer some engineering educational activities to the public and schools (both colleges & K-12). 

Our local IIE Chapter is one of the 22 member Societies.  The PSEC reps. meet monthly (the 1st Mon. of each month) to plan the events and share information.
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Mentor Nights are held at several local Universities & Community Colleges.  A group of engineers from many disciplines, talk to young engineering students (2-6 at a time) about the engineering work they do & answer the students’ questions for about 20 min. each session (during the 2 hr. event).  PSEC coordinates about 6 of these Mentor Night events and provides engineers to 2 other events coordinated directly by the colleges.

There is information about the Mentor Night events on the PSEC website.  Sign-up by using the link they provide on the PSEC website Upcoming Mentor Nights page, or go directly to the  Eventbrite Registration page.

For more information about typical Mentor Nights, contact Steve Snelling (the IIE rep. to PSEC).
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